Waffle is a cockapoo who is approximately 2-3 years old.

Waffle is a very excitable girl with not a lot of manners! She will need someone who will show her how to behave. (she jumps up a lot) She loves going for her walks and she loves any attention she can get! (which is a lot)

Waffle doesn’t know many commands; she will sit if you tell her enough times. If you have a toy in hand, she’s more likely to listen to you.

Waffle was very matted when she came in to us, she has her haircut booked in. This will be done before she goes to a new home, and due to matts, she will probably look like a different dog once the groomer has pampered her. (she does have eyes, we promise)

Waffle has been sociable with the dogs she has met while with us. She has not met any cats while here with us. She can be homed with a family where children are 6yrs +.