Terms & Conditions

The boarding of dogs and cats is subject to the following conditions

  1. All dogs or cats are only accepted in a healthy condition.
  2. Any special needs or medication must be noted when booking any animal in there will be an extra charge for this.
  3. Dogs will only be accepted if their vaccinations against distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parainfluenza are validated with a recognised certificate from their veterinary surgeon.
  4. Intrac vaccination is not compulsory although strongly recommended for all dogs boarding. No liability is accepted by the kennels for dogs contracting the bordetella virus or any related illness. You should consult your veterinary surgeon for further information regarding this twice yearly treatment. However treatment must be administered 14 clear days before your dog enters the kennels. (Kennel Cough)
  5. Cats will only be accepted if their vaccinations against enteritis & cat flu is validated with a recognised certificate from their veterinary surgeon.
  6. It is understood that Foredowne Kennels and Cattery Limited, management and staff will give every possible care and attention to all animals boarding with us. However, they will not be liable for any illness/death during or following boarding. Custodial liability is limited under terms of insurance indemnity.
  7. In the event of an illness during boarding the cat/dog will be removed to their own veterinary surgery whenever possible. However we reserve the right for the animal to be seen by the kennel veterinary surgeon subject to management discretion. I hereby confirm that my pet may see a veterinary surgeon if deemed necessary during his/her stay at foredowne and I agree to pay all costs incurred.
  8. All veterinary fees must be paid by myself on collection of my pet together with boarding fees.
  9. All pets in transit by Foredowne Kennels and Cattery Limited are transported entirely at owners risk.
  10. If any animal is not collected within 14 days of the date specified for return or collection and the owner or person responsible for the animal fails to contact the management regarding the continuation of boarding, the management shall consider the animal as abandoned and shall dispose of it in any way it may decide.
  11. Boarding charges are calculated by including both the day in and the day out and are quoted inclusive of vat, heating and food. If your pet has boarded for more than one night(minimum 2 days) and you collect between 9am-10am in the morning there will be no boarding charges for that day (not sundays, bank holidays) . Bank holidays- there is a £5.00 per pet/per day supplement in addition to the daily boarding fee for all boarders. Please note that over the christmas period we have some extra charges. Christmas day boxing day and new years day is a double day charge. we are closed on 25th, 26th December  and 1st January. 
  12. Pets sharing a boarding unit do so entirely at the owners risk. Foredowne Kennels and Cattery Limited, management and staff do not accept liability for injury following any event.
  13. We do not accept any belongings apart from food.
  14. Please note we do not accept Cheques. We also do noy accept Scottish and Irish Bank notes this is due to them not being Legal tender in England.