Snoop Dog is a Lovely Shar-pei who is approximately 2 years old.

Snoop is a sweet boy. He’s shy when he first meets you, we think he would benefit from a quiet household with an owner who’s got lots of time to spend with him.

When Snoop first meets dogs, he is a bit unsure of them but after a while he is fine. Once he gets to know the dog he will run around and play! He would be well suited to a household with a calm dog.

Snoop will sit but that’s about the only commands he knows, he doesn’t seem too interested in either toy or treats. He is still settling in so we are hopeful he will soon come out of his shell.  We think he would be better suited to an owner who has experience with the breed.

Snoop hasn’t met any cats while with us. He would be able to live with children 10+