Introducing Peggy a Who is a small collie x who is approximately 2 years old.

A bit about Peggy: Peggy can be a shy girl when she first meets you and may even bark but once she knows you want to be her friend, she will love you! Peggy (peg) has been clean overnight in her kennel and she finishes all of her meals.

Commands: Peg can do basic commands and will show these to you if you have lots of yummy treats.

Does Peggy like dogs: Peg will initially bark at other dogs but as soon as she gets close, she loves them! She had lived with another dog before (Padfoot who is also looking for a new home) We think she would benefit from living with another dog, so she always has someone to hang out with.

Children and other animals: We think he could go to a home where any children would need to be 8+. We are not sure if he’s met any cats.