Introducing Padfoot a mastiff x lab who is approximately 2 years old.

A bit about Padfoot: Padfoot loves having a butt scratch and a cuddle when he’s out on his walk. He enjoys a good sniff around the field. He’s a very sweet natured boy who doesn’t know his size!Padfoot has been clean overnight in his kennel and hasn’t ripped up any beds while with us. He will sometimes bark for attention.

Quirks: Padfoot will only eat out of a bowl (he’s a posh gentleman) this includes treats! He will sometimes bark when he first sees another person or dog.

Commands: Padfoot knows how to sit and give his paw, that’s about all he’s shown us so far!

Does padfoot like dogs: Padfoot has enjoyed meeting the other dogs we have here. He just wants to play with them, if he was rehomed to a household with another dog the other dog would need to be okay with his playful nature! He has previously lived with another dog.

Children and other animals: We think he could go to a home where any children would need to be 10+. We are not sure if he’s met any cats.