Lizzo is a lovely Pocket bully who is approximately 1.5 – 2 years old.

Lizzo Loves her walks and loves attention! She’s very excitable once out of the kennels and also very nosey, watching other dogs and people walking by.

Lizzo doesn’t appear to know many commands, or maybe she’s just stubborn. We would recommend reward-based training with her. Lizzo loves toys especially soft toys but doesn’t seem to know how to play with them.

Lizzo has been more focused on the dogs around her than they dog she’s supposed to be interacting with. We think she will be selective with dogs. So, if you have another dog we would recommend careful introductions at the kennels.

We are not sure what she would be like with cats as she hasn’t met any while with us. Lizzo could go to a home where children are 12+