Laddie is a sweet rough collie who is 9 years old.

Laddie is a very easy-going boy, in the kennels he’s very quiet and likes to spend time just watching the world go by. When out and about Lad enjoys going for his walks and interacting with the staff and all the dogs.

Laddie isn’t one of our typical strays, so we do have a bit of background information on him. He likes dogs but has never lived with one. He gets on well with cats and has lived with them. He doesn’t travel well. He’s good off lead. He’s not destructive in the house and can be left on his own.

Laddie is an older chap, so we are hoping to find him his forever home for retirement. He’s currently slightly underweight so he is on a strict meal plan and is gaining weight nicely.

Laddie can be rehomed to a family where any kids are over the age of 4.