XL Bullies

Foredowne Kennels has taken the decision to board XL bullies as we have the necessary experience, facilities and insurance to do so.

All we ask of owners is to advise us as soon as possible once you decide to board your XL with us so we can arrange a trial day.  We insist on a trial day for newcomers so that we can assess your dog is suitable to come for a longer stay.

We will need to see the paperwork associated with your dog when you come in for the trial day to demonstrate that he/she is fully vaccinated, insured, chipped and has the relevant exemption certificate. Whilst the dog will need to be muzzled in public the kennels does have private land so we can exercise the dog without a muzzle if we deem it safe.

Foredowne has for years housed many different breeds of dog and prides itself on being as inclusive as possible.

Unfortunately due to the extra insurance charge forced upon us we will have to charge an additional fee of £5 per day to help us cover this cost.

Dog Boarding Prices

We do exercise your dog twice daily, but if you require more than this please just ask – however there will be an additional charge of £6 for 1 additional walk, £8.50 for 2.

All prices include board, meals and VAT. Minimum charge of 2 days board.
Please note there may be seasonal/extra charges dependent on time of year, and this includes Sundays and Bank Holiday hours when there are no concessions.

There will be an extra £5.00 charge per animal for Bank holidays.

We also offer a pet collection and delivery service. Please ask a member of staff for details upon booking.

Please note that unfortunately we can no longer accept cheques as a valid form of payment. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.