Introducing Delilah a Who is a Saluki x who is approximately 2 years old.

A bit about Delilah:  Delilah is a playful girl who likes all the attention on her. She loves everyone and everything which is surprising considering she was left abandoned. She is a wriggly girl who tends to dance around a lot. Delilah doesn’t seem to be toilet trained, we think she is used to living outside, crated.

Quirks: Delilah’s favorite thing to do is to throw her paws around you and give you a massive cuddle! (we know we should stop this but who can resist a cuddle from a dog?)

Commands: Delilah doesn’t seem to know a lot of commands, if any!

Does Delilah like dogs: Yes. She has been fine with the dogs here she just wants to play with them.

Children and other animals: We think he could go to a home where any children would need to be 6+. We are not sure if he’s met any cats, and we are guessing she wouldn’t get on with them.